About Crazy Dog Mama

I am a crazy dog mama, and I am not ashamed to admit it!


Just what makes me a crazy dog mama you ask?  Well, here’s a little bit about me….

  • I love my dog, she’s my child, that’s where it starts, I guess.
  • My phone is filled with pictures of her, I even had to increase my iCloud storage to accommodate it all.
  • I research her diet to make sure she is eating the best that we can afford.
  • Oh, and she has her own website, Fiona Puppy Pie and social media profiles. Which, by the way, eclipse mine in terms of followers.
  • She has her own YouTube channel.
  • And the list goes on and on….

Need I say more?  Bit excessive?

Web Developer without a Cause

I guess it helps that I studied web development, and to be fair, her first three websites were class projects.

crazydogmama.net fiona
Fiona’s first website
crazydogmama.net fiona
Fiona’s second website






crazydogmama.net fiona
Fiona’s 3rd website, kind of
Fiona’s latest site







In 2012 I created a Facebook page for her (Fiona Puppy-Pie).  I started her other social media profiles only a couple of years ago for her first website and never really did much with them until recently.

I only recently (Novemeber 2018) really got into posting for her on Instagram (@fionapuppypie) and found a really great community of other crazy dog moms (and dads!) out there.  Others like me who’d rather post about their dogs than themselves, which is honestly, what I’d rather see!

I also have another blog, My Thought for the Day, you can view that here:

My Thought for the Day


If you are interested, you can also view my web portfolio.




My husband, Marty has a food blog, Marty Made It that I created.


He is currently making a recipe from every single country in the world.  It’s pretty cool, you should check it out!




Fiona Puppy Pie

We got Fiona in 2009, and that’s where it all started.  I only had cats growing up, I didn’t know a whole lot about dogs, so that started my research and book buying frenzy.  (I love books and this was a great reason to buy more books!)  One thing I did know for sure was that regular grocery store pet food was not the greatest.

I started researching and found that a lot of the dog foods with grains can cause allergies, so I found a grain free kibble, Wellness Core.  Also, I found a holistic vet in our area who convinced me to also get her on a raw diet.

I had done some reading on that but was kind of nervous about it.  But the vet finally convinced me, and we started with frozen chicken pucks.  The chicken pucks also had vegetables and fruits in them and were basically balanced.  We also supplemented with the kibble, raw meaty bones, and duck necks as well.

And now, 10 years later, she is doing quite well, I believe because of the mostly raw diet.  We’ve since changed kibble brands and raw meat puck brands, but she basically eatiing pretty the same since she was a baby.  She still acts like a puppy and can run like the wind.