Dog Hair, Don’t Care…Fiona Sez…May 20, 2019

“Yes, I know I’ve gotten hair all over the couch.  It’s called fur-niture isn’t it?”

Fiona Puppy Pie

Dog Hair, Don’t Care

Dog hair is just a fact of life in my house, as I am sure it is in yours too!  Over the years, I have bought numerous tools to remove it.  The best one so far is a simple lint brush.  Another thing that works well is a damp paper towel.  Just wipe down the hair and pitch it.  Not very eco-friendly, but effective!  Of course for clothing the adhesive roller always works great.

How do you remove pet hair from furniture or clothes?  Is your attitude ‘dog hair, don’t care’ too? Let me know in the comments below!

I am a crazy dog mama.

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