Kale Toxic to Dogs??  Say It Isn’t So!!

Kale Toxic to Dogs?? Say It Isn’t So!!

But I Thought Kale Was a Superfood!

So, my dog, Fiona, has on occasion, eaten lacinato (dinosaur) kale since she was a puppy, and she’ll be 10 this May, and she really seems to like it.  I know, weird, right?  I know I looked it up at the time before I gave it to her to make sure it was ok for her to eat.  Because I look up everything before I give it to her.  But in researching for this article I found that kale might not be the best!  I was so bummed!   I was so ready to write about all the wonderful benefits of kale!

Oxalate Whaaat?

It turns out kale has calcium oxalate in it which could cause kidney and bladder stones according to an article on AKC.org by Anna Burke (Burke, 2017) My heart skipped a few beats there.  Have I been giving my puppy something that will shorten her life?  So I took a deep breath and continued to research.

In my research I also found other conflicting articles, touting everything in moderation in an article by Jessica Peralta (Peralta, n.d.) in dogsnaturalymagazine.com quoting  Karen Becker DVM.  They also quote 3 other experts who also think that in moderation, kale is ok for dogs and provides benefits.

Also, in this article from Northwestern University, University of Chicago kidney specialist Dr. Frederic Coe regarding oxalic acid and kidney stones:

“Fear not! Those claims are baseless, according to University of Chicago kidney specialist Dr. Fredric Coe, a professor of medicine who built and has run the university’s kidney stone prevention center for 45 years.”

“Kale offers all the benefits of dark green vegetable but it ranks really low in oxalate,” said Coe. “There’s only 17 milligrams of oxalate in a hundred grams (about 3 ounces) of kale.”

“So in every three ounces of kale you get nothing” in terms of oxalate, added Coe. “Essentially, it’s about impossible to eat enough of kale to cause kidney stones.” (Barnes, 2015)

Well, Fiona has never had more than a rib or two at a time, and a few greens.  That being said,  I personally am going with the expert Dr. Coe and the others and will feed it to her in moderation, she never had tons anyhow.

Benefits of Kale

There are so many amazing health benefits to kale, a veritable super food.  The benefits of kale for dogs (and humans) are as follows:

  • Cancer and heart disease prevention.
  • Immunity boosting
  • Great source of fiber
  • High in vitamins A, K, C, E, calcium, lutein, trace minerals and Omega-3’s!

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What Are Your Thoughts?

So, what are your thoughts on kale?  Yay or nay?  Or a non-issue because your dog won’t touch the stuff?  Obviously my research was not exhaustive, but when I found that kidney expert, I felt so much better.

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