What Is a Crazy Dog Mama?


So Just What Constitutes a Crazy Dog Mama?

Here are 7 signs that suggest you just might be a Crazy Dog Mama (or Dad):

(but by all means not and exhaustive list!)

crazydogmama.net crazy dog mama

  1. You refer to your dog as your dog child or fur baby.

Your dog is your baby, there is no question about it.  Like a mama bear protecting its cubs, you can be  just as fierce when it comes to your fur baby/dog child.


    1. You buy cute clothes for your dog.


crazydogmama.net crazy dog mama

crazydogmama.net crazy dog mama





How can you resist that super cute little dress or shark costume??  Bandanas and bows a plenty, your dog just might have more cute accessories than you.


  1. You prepare special meals for your dog.

Your dog probably eats better than you.  You research and buy the best quality food that your dog can have and you can afford in order to give them the healthiest life.  Sometimes you even prepare your own food special so your dog can eat it too, i.e. no onions.


  1. You’ve made homemade peanut butter for your dog out of non-GMO, organic, free trade peanuts that you drove across town to find.

Yeah, I did this.  It was pretty good too, and I’d do it again!


  1. You’ve made an Instagram for your dog and they have WAY more followers than you.

It is possible that people like your dog more than they like you.  But then again, who really is doing the posting anyhow? 😉


  1. You make plans based on if your dog can come too.

Is there an outdoor patio that allows dogs?  No?  Well, sorry, I already have plans with my dog.


  1. You’d rather hang out with your dog and other crazy dog moms (and dads) than go out (to a place that doesn’t allow dogs).



These are only a few signs that suggest you just might be a Crazy Dog Mama.  Like the tip of an iceberg, we have only just scratched the surface!


I am a crazy dog mama, and I am not ashamed to admit it!


So, are you a Crazy Dog Mama?  What did I miss?  Let me know in the comments below!  Thanks for reading!


I am a crazy dog mama.

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